Merry Christmas
Traducido por martalip

Materials: Tubes mc2509
Watermark: Tutorialespspaliciar

Plugins Visual Manipulation Transmission
VDL Adrenaline Snowflakes

Made with PSP IX

Drag the arrow as a guide through the tutorial


1. Open a new transparent image size 800 x 500 px.
Fill with a gradient made with colours foreground: #bab6a6 and background: #f1e9de,
style linear, angle 45º - repeats 5.

2. Effects / Plugin / Visual Manipulation / Transmission: 7/16/0

3. New Raster Layer. Selections/Select All/Selections/Modify/Contract 40
Selections/Modify/Select Selections
Borders 20

4. Fill the selectin with the same gradient.

Effects/ Reflection Effects /Kaleidoscope

Selection none.
Duplicate layer

5. Configure Warp Brush tool as shown in screenshot:

6. Keep pressing in the center of the image until you have the cross. Apply.

7. Change blend mode of this layer to Soft Light

8. Activate raster 1
Layer / new raster layer

9. Selections / select all
Open tube aclis_xmas, copy and paste into selection.
Selections / select none.
Reduce opacity of this layer to 34%
y cambiar el Blend Mode a Luminance Legacy
and change Blend Mode to Luminance Legacy

10. Layers / merge all flatten
11. Effects / Plugins / VDL Adrenaline Snoflakes, as shown in screenshot:

12. Copy and paste tube mc2509 as new layer and place it.

13. Copy tube 1Patries_stricks and paste as new layer. Resize to 70% and place it.

14. Effects / 3D Effects / Drop Shadow, colour #404040

15. Image / add borders / symetric / 1 px. colour #f1e9de
16. Image/Add Borders/Symmetric/40 Px. color #bab6a6
17. Image / add borders / symetric / 2 px. colour #f1e9de

18. Add your text and watermark.
Merge all and export as JEPG.


Tutorial written by Alicia Rodrigo on November 30th, 2008
Buenos Aires - Argentina

Send me your version and I'll put it in my site.

Html design and tutorial by Alicia Rodrigo.
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